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A large, permanent wetland 120km north of Innaminka in the arid region of South Australia, Coongie Lakes are fed by a branch of Cooper Creek, together providing water in an otherwise dry landscape.

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Well, we're camped in the Big4 caravan park at Hawker which is a small, outback town in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia. No oven in our van and I hadn't yet discovered the camp kitchen so I decided to try baking a loaf of bread on the barbecue plate.

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Well, Lesley and I will shortly go on a major outback trip. Part of the time, we'll leave the caravan and camp a bit rough using the ute and a tent.

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On our recent outback camping trip, Nicky and I built an outback stove with an oven, to cook on while we camped at Lake Richardson on Arcoona Station in South Australia.