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I found myself at a partly broken dam, a huge construction undertaking for a sheep and cattle station, though still with a pretty fair holding capacity despite the wall being breached to a level well below the spillway level.

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Upon telling Joel, the Pernatty overseer, and his with Edith, about where I'd been and asking about the dam and the area, they excitedly told me of the wagon wheel nearby. Edith has often wished she had a photo of it but never managed to get it together. So I determined to return to the area and get a photo of this historical landmark.

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The wagon wheel is missing it's steel tire but there's one on the ground about 100 metres away.

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The remains of the wagon appear to be partly covered over by silt eroded from the nearby hill. I guess the wheel on the other side of the wagon could be missing or broken. Part of the wagon body and chassis are exposed, so if you use your imagination you can visualise the wagon as it once was, back in the days of the early settlers of the Woodforde area who came with their flocks and dug wells, sunk dams and built their huts and homesteads.