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Camping at Thurra River in Croajingolong National Park in East Gippsland, Victoria, I wandered along the beach in the mid afternoon, crossing the closed river mouth and continuing beyond toward the Mueller River.

Stump on the beach at Thurra River

Among the many washed up and half buried logs that I photographed was this stump with it's protruding multiple trunks, dominating the immediate landscape.

Although captured in digital colour, I was seeing in black and white with the intention of presenting the images in monochrome.

So here's the stump, in high contrast, removing the detail from the sky and much of the ground, presenting only the stump that caught my eye, in the strong graphics.

Processed in the GIMP, I've given much more weight to the red channel and increased the contrast considerably.

To my mind, the only thing that matters in the scene before me is the stump and that's what I've presented.