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I have no fridge so have no fresh meat, camping in remote areas of the arid region of South Australia (SA). Fresh veggies make up much of my diet, while they last. Every couple of days I make a loaf of bread in the camp oven and it goes down well, fresh and hot, straight out of the oven, as well as toasted. Breakfast is usually two fried eggs followed by toast.

Although I have gas as a standby, the campfire is where I cook in the frying pan, camp oven and of course, my trusty, black billys.

Did you know you can use cabbage in a veggie roast?

Potato, pumpkin, sweet potato, leek, celery, half a cob of corn, carrot, apple and cabbage, sometimes topped off with a cold tin of salmon.

Oil the camp oven well before placing in the veggies, the potato first.

Flame is your greatest enemy when cooking in the camp oven. Use only coals.

Place half a shovel of coals away froim the intense heat of the fire and level it out a bit. If it's realy hot wood, sprinkle a little sand or dirt over the coals to cut back the heat. You may have enough heat in the coals to compleatly cook your roast, but if you can't hear the oil simmering, add some more coals half way through to finish the job. Place a small amount of coals on top of the camp oven. You may need to top these up a couple of times.

As a rule of thumb, it may take half an hour or a bit more to roast your veggies.

If you have chops or steak, put them in the camp oven first with the veggies on top.