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Images created on a medium format film camera, of the channel between the mainland and Andamooka Island in Lake Torrens, South Australia.

In the channel pertaining to Andamooka Island, are rocks of graphic significance, common in this area of salty, barren wasteland.

Wandering around the channel over several days, I came upon several patches of exciting rocks; rocks that took on the form of familiar and imaginary animals and brought me pleasure observing them.

I've seen rocks like this displayed at the entrance to a couple of homesteads that border Lake Torrens, mounted as natural sculptures.

The rocks have a clanging sound when struck, even with your boot and are covered by rock varnish, some sort of fungus growth, I think.

Note: The following image gallery is an edit, following advice from Kuyani Aboriginal people. The Kuyani Aborigines are of the lakes culture people.

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