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Well, today we got amongst the salt of Lake Torrens, a national park in the Northern Pastoral region of South Australia.

Lake Torrens is among the largest of Australia's salt lakes but not as well known, perhaps, as the famous Lake Eyre, possibly because Lake Torrens has fairly limited public access.

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On most occasions that I've camped and photographed at Lake Torrens, I've left the ute and trailer at various station homesteads and traveled on the quadbike, camping for a week and more in quite remote locations on the usually dry salt lake.

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But today was different. Lesley and I accessed the lake from Andamooka, traveling about twenty or thirty kilometres east from our camp in town.

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In lake Torrens, and in particular in the salt, I find a landscape full of intrigue, colour, contrast, form and captivating light.

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I delight in the salt encrusted twigs and rocks, the ripples of the super saturated salt water, blown by the wind, the reflection of the blue of the sky and the white of the clouds, the glisten of the sun on the salt crystals and shallow water and the colour and texture of the rocks, sand and distant, stunted trees.

At Lake Torrens, I'm in my element. I relate to the harsh environment which in turn reflects the real Laurie, my inner self.

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