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Woodford Waterhole, Pernatty Station

A pleasant ride to Woodforde Waterhole on Parnatty Station took me on a 60km return trip, the route back to camp likely being a bit shorter, about an hour's ride each way. In the days immediately before my arrivel at Pernatty the grader had been over all the station tracks making for easy riding. In fact, my 2wd ute would have handled the tracks I went on, though I' be worried about how the tires would handle the sharp stones encountered in places.

Woodforde Waterhole
Woodforde Waterhole, Pernatty Station
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Kayak on Bega River

Not only is a kayak a great fitness machine but it gets me around the flat water rivers and lakes to enjoy and photograph their unique landscape, near on impossible otherwise.


Hut overlooking Lake Eucumbene

With a cruising speed of around 50k/h on good going, the 4x4 bike and trailer carry photography gear, camp and tucker over considerable distances, allowing camping on site for the best light.

Mountain Bike

Lily and Granddad on mountain bikes

On the mountain bike I travel close enough to the ground and slow enough to see quite a bit that may otherwise be missed. Of course, the bike is mainly for travel on rural roads and tracks.

On Foot

Beach near Point Hicks

With a pack on my back, it's often not necessary to cover a great distance to capture the wilderness landscape. Anything from a few hundred metres to 15km can make a great day out in an isolated environment.